🇬🇧New wine glass revolution?

New wine glass revolution?


Regular wine glass shape theory vs. Karen MacNeil’s Flavor First™ wine glass experience


Regular wine glass theory in a nutshell:

Delicate, light wines need a narrower glass, especially at the top, to capture the delicate aromas

Big, powerful wines need a wide glass (wide at bottom & top), in order to release flavours but not be overwhelmed by alcohol


Karen MacNeil’s Flavor First™ glasses challenge old glass shape theory in the sense that the LOCATION of the WIDEST part of the glass seems decisive:

“I cannot explain scientifically what’s happening, but it’s clear that something IS happening, and that the shapes work,” MacNeil rightly states…


I tested her 3 different glasses and especially LOVED the “Crisp&Fresh” because IT WORKS AMAZINGLY WELL‼️

In case you’d like to focus on the immediate aromas of a wine, this glass really magnifies them. With this glass, the widest part is closer to the top –so closer to your nose– enhancing and giving free way to expressive aromas, making them more immediate. Quite sensational!

Great for sparkling too, as it has a laser-etched spot for the bubbles to ascend from. Although, honestly, a good old tulip-shaped champagne glass (like Lehmann’s) does the job even better because the smaller size magnifies the aromatics in a more refined way.

From left to right: Crisp&Fresh™, Creamy&Silky™ and Bold&Powerful™ glass, each with 75ml wine


More regular Creamy&Silky™ and Bold&Powerful™ shapes work really well for the designated wines, just not as spectacularly –when it comes to olfactory– as the Crisp&Fresh™

Crisp&Fresh™ makes wine TASTE leaner and more acidic however, more focussed and linear.

Creamy&Silky™ indeed makes wine taste softer and creamier, while leaving delicate aromas intact?

Bold&Powerful™ offers most DRINKING pleasure as you don’t feel the rim of the glass against your lips?


For me –when I’d have to generalise– the best universal/one-for-all glass is Gabriel Glass,

for elegant/light whites I prefer Zalto’s small white wine glass

and for bold/intense whites & reds Zalto’s large Bordeaux glass…

I might add Karen MacNeil’s Flavor First Crisp&Fresh™ to those for SMELLING and tasting –exactly– crisp&fresh, lighter whites➕rosés➕…sparkling❗️It’s also great for sweet (dessert) wines as this shape enhances both acidity and aromatics‼️ (although in a less refined way than in a smaller tulip-shaped champagne glass like Lehmann’s, which works great for sweet wines as well)

Would definitely recommend both other Flavor First glass shapes for enjoying the designated wines, e.g. Burgundy and Northern Rhône whites and reds for the Creamy&Silky™ glass and powerful wines like Amarone, or a big California Cabernet or Chardonnay in the Bold&Powerful™ glass. Design is both beautiful and very functional and glasses are solid, comfortable and make swirling very easy.


Another➕: they cost <half the price of Gabriel and Zalto

and will break way less easily due to thicker leadfree crystal.

€12,50 / $75 per set of 6 (3×2) at KarenMacNeil.com

Karin Leeuwenhoek

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